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Please pray for our Pastor and his family

While preaching last Sunday at our church, our pastor's house was burned to the ground. Praise the Lord that the entire family was not there at the time of the fire! The house was a total loss and probably caused by a fire in the fireplace. Here is a letter that Pastor Tim wrote to our congregation about his loss. Please remember his family in your prayers - they have four young sons who are growing closer to God because of this loss. We love them all very much. Here is an interview with a local tv station To our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, As a person who uses words for a living, it is always hard to be in situations where I don't know what to say. Right now we are speechless. The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. All the tears that we cry now really aren't because of our sorrow but of joy. I cannot describe the peace and satisfaction that the Lord has been to our heart and souls. There are so many verses of Scripture being activated and comi

Our trip to the Dairy Farm

The Hanson girls went on a school field trip today to Shatto Dairy Farm. It was a good time together and a pretty interesting tour. We saw how they milk the cows, bottle the milk, clean the bottles, flavor the milk (root beer, banana, strawberry, chocolate - thanks Greg!), and raise the baby cows. Best of all, we got samples! Here's Ashlyn milking the cow (they use machines of course) Ashlyn's hat worn during the tour (I skipped my picture in the neat hat) Ashlyn brushing a baby calf and feeding it! (She has experience with a baby bottle!) The oldest cow, Pat - 14 years old

Our growing children

We are applying for life insurance this week for our children and had to get updated height and weight measurements for them all. It sure is fun to compare the four kids at each age. Here is how they all measured for now: Ashlyn (age 7): 51 lbs, 49 inches Joshua (age 4): 35 lbs, 41 inches Caleb (age 2 1/2): 31 lbs, 37 inches Jonathan (6 1/2 mo): 20 lbs, 28 inches It's crazy to think there is 6 1/2 years between the oldest and youngest and only 31 pounds difference! Ashlyn seems so much taller than the boys, but really isn't when you look at the numbers...pretty interesting!!!

Past 20 already...

Jonathan has officially out grown his infant carrier and has been moved to a big boy car seat (still backwards though). He is over 20 pounds now and yes, not quite 6 1/2 months old! He is getting cuter each day and loving baby food now. He is sitting up and still screams when he rolls to his tummy...we don't think he will be crawling soon because he just hates his tummy, but we'll keep watching. Maybe he will take after his brothers and just start walking in a couple months and skip the crawling phase???

Our Tree Adventure

So we tried something new this year for the holidays and went to the Reindeer Lane Christmas Tree Farm to cut down our tree. Ashlyn was soooo excited to feed real reindeers ... Joshua was more excited for the hot chocolate and popcorn! Deanna was excited for a new tradition! John was glad to find a tree shorter than him $ (oh, and to have someone else put it on the van roof) The boys cut down the tree we all found and liked Then we drug it to the guys who shook it and wrapped it up Caleb's favorite part - decorating it! (oh, and carrying the big saw!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

From our pilgrims to yours!

I am a roller...

and can sit alone now...finally! (we'll try to take an actual rolling photo soon)

Thanksgiving Day Cupcakes

Today was our first official snow fall of 2007 in Kearney :) so we spent the day relaxing and cooking. Here are some turkey cupcakes we found on our favorite recipe website. They came out really cute and all 3 kids were able to help with some part. We are bringing them as a dessert for Thanksgiving tomorrow at Grandma Sues. Here are the older two putting on the face, wings, and tails. A close up of the turkey Today we had donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast, mini-pizzas for lunch (homemade by each kid), made jello-jigglers, and watched Deck the Halls. All in all it has been a very fun and relaxing day :)

Belated B-day Gifts from Geoffrey

Toys R Us was very generous this year and sent each child a $3 gift card (with a purchase of $3 or more) for their birthday in Oct. Well, we finally found time today to all go hunt out a great deal for $3 per child. Yeah, we did it! Nothing like some good summer clearance for our crew. We are outside 9 months out of the year and can't wait to use these great free gifts (well, actually twenty-one cents each)! Joshua's fun chalk rake Ashlyn's giant chalk that the boys can't break!

Thanksgiving to a mother

So I was reading a friend's blog today and she had a post about all the things she is thankful for this year. It made me thinking a little deep today and I had to list a few of the things I am thankful for that I don't usually show much appreciation for. Besides all these listed, I am always thankful for the obvious like family, friends, good health and our church. Here I go... A washing machine and dryer (I couldn't imagine hand washing all these clothes each day) Disposable diapers (I know many people who still use cloth, but I sure am thankful for the kind I can just throw away!) The Internet (all those recipes, research project info, email, blogs, I could go on and on) Medicine (I love medicine, even if its to help my mind think I am getting better!) Books (what would my husband do with all his free time and how would he teach me everything I need to know) Grocery stores (how convenient to go to one place and get everything you need) Our mini-van (even though most days


Uh, not the football position though. I mean the back of quarters that are worth something (not to say there are not some football players out there worth watching these days!). For our copper anniversary, John bought me the Quarters Collection folder and I have tried to collect them since then (yes, quarters are actually made of copper - good researching John!). I am actually caught up to 2007, but have not got many this year for some reason and yes, I had some help finding the older ones from John's grandma who counts the money at her church in Omaha. I recently got this e-mail that allows you to take a quiz on how well you know the states picture on the back. Obviously, I am an idiot in this department. It is a good day when I can actually remember the few quarters I am missing and to actually look at the backs of them before I spend them again! Anyway, for all of you who also collect them - you'll have to try this quiz out! I am sure you'll do better then this

On to shopping

So I got a great start on my shopping this week and have started planning my adventure next week...I'm not sure how many of you participate in the greed fest known as Black Friday like I do, but it is a tradition to leave by 4 am. So my plan is Target and Kohls first this year, which just happen to be in the same shopping lot. Yah ! Wal-mart hasn't released their ad yet so I am waiting to plan too much yet. I think my sister-in-law and I are going to go together again - we had a lot of fun last year. I think after Black Friday I will actually be ready to wrap everything and ship the 4 packages I need to for CO, AZ, and WA. Then all I have left is Christmas decorating, picture taking, Christmas card making/sending, cookie baking, and sleep! Wow, tis the season to be busy, huh. Feel free to check out those Black Friday ads that have already been released if you are as crazy as me!

Caleb Censored

Joshua's new favorite candybar

Joshua cracked us up this week when he asked me if he could have a horsee (horse with a long e at the end). I said " Hunny , you can't have a horse because we don't have a farm and a horse needs to sleep outside." He said, " Noooo , a horsee !" I looked at John and said "Did you hear him say horsee ?" "Sure enough, ask again Joshua." " Horseeeee !!" (a little louder) Finally, after a few more times of this repetition, he reaches for the Halloween candy bowl and grabs this out; his favorite new candy bar! " Ohhhh ", laughing again. I don't need to continue my 7 minute ab video anymore - these kids keep my stomach muscles working everyday!


Poor guy - little Jonathan got the worse end of the cold our kids have had the past couple weeks; theirs ended with runny noses and a cough. Jonathan is wheezing and has such a croup cough, and yes, the same time that his first tooth is peeking out! The dr . said today he has what all babies she has seen this week has - bronchiolitis . Most common age to get it during cold season - you guessed it 6 months (Jonathan turns 6 months this week). Here he is doing a breathing treatment yesterday.


So my friend Lori tagged me today, who has a very inspirational blog I try to read pretty often. You'll have to check her out sometime. Bear with me as I answer these questions because I answered the same ones in an email last week, and I am trying to be a little more creative than I was then (She changed the questions a little and I am using those ones)... Two names you go by: Mommy and Hun (used to go by D in high school, but now John goes by that one!) Two things you are thinking right now: 1. Didn't I just pick up this house yesterday? 2. Where is Caleb? It is too quiet. Two of your favorite things to do: Probably take a bath (with the door locked, completely uninterrupted) and watch movies T wo things you want very badly at that moment: A nap (since Jonathan was up a lot last night sick and John is out of town tonight so it will be a very long evening) and all of my Christmas shopping done (where do I start?). Two favorite pets you have had/have: Our gerbils (easiest p

Puzzle Time

The goal (Our first 300 piece puzzle w/o dad or Ashlyn) The beginning (wow, look at all those pieces) Progress (We have an end in sight) The completed puzzle (One and half hours later) Our Smart Team (with a little help from mom!)

Amazing Grace...again

I know I shared this trailer when this movie was at the theatres, but I wanted to let you all know that it comes on video this week now. It is so worth the $1 at the redbox, or even the $4 at Blockbuster. Check it out if you get a couple free hours this week.

Therapy fun

We are working on two-syllable words this week that have the same consonant but a vowel change. He has always called us ma-ma and da - da . So this week, we are teaching him mommy and daddy. Our lesson goes: I say "ma", Caleb says "ma", then I say "me" and he says "me". Then together "mommy". So repeating this over and over again is going to help him just say mommy when he needs me....but right now, I am becoming just mom. Well, it cracked us up last night that John has become deedee more dada and not quite daddy. So when I came home today from a breakfast at church, I said "Caleb, where is the baby (another new word this week) and he said " deedee baby!" We'll have to write that one in the baby book. He hates to be corrected already on that one and keeps going "No deedee ." So yes, our crew now has a Deanna and a deedee !

When love became a chore

So now that John and I have been married for almost 10 years, I can finally say I know his true weak spot - his back! His mother must have sat for hours when he was growing up scratching his back. Not hard or too soft, a certain way that I have never completely learned correctly. So when Ashlyn and Joshua became old enough to take on this role, my not so good backscratching came to a haul. Well, sorta. So, they would all be getting along so well, horse playing or spending time together and the time came. "Can you please scratch my back Ashlyn ?" or "I'll give you a hug if you scratch my back Joshua." That lasted a few months and then came more bribery . "I'll pay you a quarter if you scratch my back Ashlyn ." A little more backscratching occurred this way... Well, yesterday something kinda funny happened. The 3 kids made a big mess as usual after breakfast creating some sort of "new dish" (some candy, water, and smashing) i

The CA strike affects our crew

So we don't watch much news or TV around here (part of the reason we missed daylight savings time this year) and today was a little depressing. The one TV show we have become addicted and obsessed about (watched the entire first 5 1/2 seasons on DVD though in about 3 months) is 24. My sister called today to tell me that FOX announced today they are postponing the season premier in January so the entire season will not be interrupted (in case the strike is still going on after the first 9 episodes). I am so sad since I have been waiting months just to see the teaser trailer they showed us last week. So now we have to wait to see if the other 15 episodes get filmed in time for the '08 season -- they are considering waiting until next fall if this all does not get resolved quickly. We'll keep you posted on the final result -- I guess in the meantime we can go rent the other 6 seasons (actually five - season six is available in Dec) and start over again!! Anyone want to j

Good Job KC Maids

John and his parents opened a Maids franchise here in Kansas City, Missouri in January 2004 (right after Joshua was born). It has been a little scary venture off and on. Some days my father-in-law says he is ready to sell the business and other days he is ready to retire and let it take off. It is always fun for me to sit back and watch it all from the outside. They have won a few awards since they opened including "Franchise of the Year" in 2005. They have been in a few magazines and local papers too. Well, I have to say that after a few years of heartache and challenges, they just hit their million dollar revenue mark this week! This is a big deal for them :) They are one of the fastest growing Maids franchises so far. They are also going next week to Omaha (where the Franchise headquarters are located) to discuss opening a new franchise in Tulsa or buying the existing St. Louis franchise. This is so exciting I wanted to share it. I always enjoy my house being cleaned and J

Another Website Makeover

I'm trying to be a little proactive this year with Christmas and started Holiday plans today. We always put our family website on our Christmas cards and have the most hits during the year in Dec and Jan from friends and family who do not normally go there to see it. We updated it today with a new look and all new pictures - and yes, we modified the name from Hanson Family to Hanson Crew (people have actually been calling us this at church now and it is sticking). Most of the pictures I picked have made some kind of appearance on the blog, but are more up to date than the ones out there before. We hope you enjoy it! I will update the pictures a little more once we take our Christmas pictures with Lisa. Now on to the Christmas card list and photo gift calendars :0)

Prince Caspian Trailer

We are chugging along in our Chronicals of Narnia Series as a family and are on book 2 - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We are hoping to be done with Prince Caspian before this movie comes out next May so we can go as a family. We are so excited!

A Sunday fall bike ride

So after we realized that the state of MO (you in AZ are lucky) had all moved to a new time without us today, we tried to think of ways to enjoy our new hour (since we didn't get that hour in extra sleep last night like we normally due this time of the year!). The boys did the usual Sunday Hanson routine, lunch - today from Papa Murphys - and retreated to the bedroom for an afternoon nap. The girls however took a different route - the route to a gorgeous fall bike ride, enjoying the falling leaves, drinking fountain breaks, and some quality girl talk. Ashlyn and I have been wanting to go on a Kearney trail for a long ride ever since she began riding her bike without training wheels. I never noticed how limited she is on our block because of her younger siblings wanting to follow her up and down the sidewalk. She is allowed to go from our house to the corner, which is about 4 houses over and over again. Not so much fun very often. We also had the limitation of me not owning a bike

Developmental Apraxia

Please notice the movement of your lips, tongue, and throat muscles as you: READ THIS SENTENCE ALOUD. Did you feel the "r" in "read" giving your tongue and lips a workout? Did you notice how your tongue and throat muscles worked together to say "this"? You have just made more than fifteen muscle movements to say "Read this sentence aloud"! Amazing, isn't it? As adults we take speaking for granted. But it is a very complex skill. Speaking requires good physical coordination of the lips, tongue, and throat muscles. That means they must all work together to make sounds and to combine different sounds to make words. What is developmental apraxia ? Apraxia is difficulty forming sounds into words. The term "developmental apraxia " is used when children have this problem. In adults, apraxia is usually caused by a stroke or other physical injury. The reason for developmental apraxia is less clear. It is not caused by weak muscles. Childr

Ready for Trick-or-Treating...

...but not the camera!!! Our happy crew this year.

Not intended for children under 3

Wow, what a blessing to have a child who can read anything! Ashlyn is finally getting confidence in this subject area and has really excelled. She is reading to her brothers story/board books and enjoying a new chapter book (Nancy Drew - thanks Papa Phil and Gramma Velma) for herself. It has sure been fun to watch her learn and some of the funny things she has said by mistake. This past week I realized how many things are out there on billboards and bumper stickers that I sure wished she couldn't read! And here is a really embarrassing story - I still wear old t-shirts to bed a lot, mainly John's, but sometimes mine. Well, I was wearing an old Coed Naked Softball t-shirt the other morning (don't ask why - I was totally a follower in high school when these shirts were popular and enjoyed fastball softball). Anyway, while making her lunch she asks, "What does slow or fast have a blast mean mom?" - "Uh, both slow pitch and fast-pitch softball is fun - I only