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About our Crew

Welcome to the Hanson Crew blog!  There are 6 in our crew, but I am the primary narrator of our blog. John will occasionally blog something he wishes to share.  We hope to someday allow our children to share stories or moments on here as authors too, starting with Ashlyn, our oldest child and only daughter.  She is the one who helps keep our boys in order, Josh, Caleb, and Jonathan.  We currently live in Kansas City, Missouri and started this blog back in 2006.  We began it as a way to communicate funny stories and pictures with our family and friends that didn't live in Kansas City. Fourteen years later, it seems the majority of our readers are from our church family or friends within driving distance to us.  While trying to keep up with baby books and scrapbooking in 2007, I decided to use this blog as a replacement.  So each year, I print the blog posts for that year and bind them for our coffee table.  The kids enjoy looking back at older posts and funny things they said or did when they were younger.  So if you read something that sounds like more of a statistic or proud moment I want to capture, that is why.

I am very proud of the family God has given me.  It is such a blessing to be involved in their lives, schoolwork, and everyday moments with all 5 of them.  I pray this blog will be a glimpse and testimony of our lives.

We love it when you comment!  So please, let us know what you think of what we are sharing.  And let us know how you are all doing too.  Thanks and enjoy our crew and our moments!