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Forrest Gump?

Here is a pic from our Seattle trip of John, Deanna, Ashlyn, Jamie, and you guess it...a smaller version of Forrest Gump trying to run out of the picture!

Okay, I can't wait anymore!!!

So I tried to play sneak and mix in some small clues in my last blog hoping someone would comment, email, or call, asking "when did you become the Hanson 6?" or "which 3 is going to MN on Friday?" BUT NOTHING!!! I give up...I can't play sneaky cause it's killing me now - Yep, we are expecting number 4! Due in May 2007. It was a little shock since we had just decided not to try anymore, but I guess we messed up. So Caleb will no longer be just a little brother. We will keep you posted on all the misery of this pregnancy as well as the joys. With much Love!!

We are off to MN!

Yeh, a much awaited vacation is coming up later this week....My best friend Lisa and her husband Nate will be joining the 3 of us on a drive up to MN for a Desiring God conference. The girls will be making a stop at the Mall of America on Sat and a few other shops near the hotel on Friday and Sunday. We are excited for the kid-free fellowship and time of relaxation. We will have to take a few pics of Minneapolis and post them when we get back (my friend is a professional photographer :) Note: Ashlyn, Joshua, and Caleb will be staying with the Pearsons for our trip - the family who graciously watched them for our cruise in April. They will be having just as good of a time as we will with neverending attention and love!! (just in case you were wondering where we were going to abandon those 3 for the weekend).

Ashlyn's in Kindergarten!

Well, it' been exactly one month now that Ashlyn has been in school. In that time, she has mastered her handwriting, practiced her Math skills 1-20, Learned time (only hours, not minutes yet), began phonics (learning to read), and learned all about bodies and all shapes (including a rhombus and trapezoid). It's been very exciting and fun. We especially enjoy our home study on Tuesday and Thursday and hope that time will remain special for the rest of the year. In honor of her school anniversary, here are a couple photos from the first day of school in August.


Where's my tooth?

Yep, Ashlyn has officially lost her first tooth - the bottom left one. And we noticed yesterday the bottom right one should fall out by the end of the week! We are very excited since her baby teeth are horrible and have cost us too much money to repair and then let fall out. We hope they all start to fall out soon and pray the adult teeth will be much healthier. We'll keep you posted.

Our First Blog Entry!

Hello, we thought we should begin this blog with a story about today. It is a Saturday and much busier than normal. We awoke this morning with a very "wet" Joshua, who slept in his underwear last night for the first time (by accident of course!). We are still in the beginning stages of potty training and will try to be more aware of the underwear/diaper situation at bedtime. Once that mess was cleaned up, we got ready for the Jesse James Parade down our block. Yep, he was born here in good ol' Kearney many years ago, so we celebrate every Sept for his birthday with a carnival, rodeo, and parade. Nothing like small town living! Once we got back from that, Caleb and mom took a much needed nap, while dad, Ashlyn and Joshua went on to their next adventure - an airshow. It was a very big deal down in KC today, and the 3 of them had a blast! After that, we went to a church party/carnival for a friend where the kids got to jump on a big bouncing thing and ride a pony. John and I