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Going Private

We have enjoyed sharing our family with you all since 2006 publicly.  Sometimes I am curious who is out there in the world listening to me share our interesting weeks.  I always enjoy your comments and fun emails about certain posts and am so thankful for the opportunity to print them each year for our coffee table. I have decided to leave the online world for awhile.  With that said, I have decided to make this blog private.  If you are reading this and still wanting to read the blog, you still can.  Please just leave me a comment in this post with your email so I can send you the new blog password.  We will continue to still post the same information, but it will only be accessible to those with the password.  I will start the private blog on November 3rd so be sure to let me know before then. Thanks so much for keeping up with us :)

All Four Kiddos

Avengers Party

Joshua enjoyed his 9th birthday this year with 9 good friends. His birthday fell on a home school day so we had the fun at 4 when everyone was done with homework. We ate pizza, made superhero shields, practiced some target practice like Hawkeye, and enjoyed cake and presents. We somehow threw in a couple superhero print outs. He LOVES the Avengers and chose that as the theme.  Here are a few pics of the fun...

Learning the USA

While struggling to remember the midwest States and Capitals this week, Caleb was encouraged with these kind words from his brother.... "Caleb, don't worry!  Knowing these run in your blood!  You'll do fine.  Both Ashlyn and I got 100 percents each time."

Ashlyn is Twelve

Hard to believe....we love you so much and are so proud to be your parents.  Happy 12th Birthday Ashlyn!

Growing Hair

I needed to give Jonathan a trim this evening and a funny conversation started in the car... Caleb: "Do you know how hair grows, mom?" Mom: "Probably lots of vitamins and milk." Caleb: "Um, no.  Actually it's a lot like a plant.  You have to pour water on your head and it just starts to grow." Caleb: "When I take a shower, I can feel my hairs growing right when I put my hand through it! I love long hair!" Mom: "Ha! I better get Jonathan to skip that shower tonight after his trim so it can stay short for a little while!"

Happy 9th Birthday Joshua!

It's hard to believe my 9 pound baby boy turned nine years old today!  He has grown to be a quite an intelligent, funny, creative, young man.  We love you very much Joshua!  Happy Birthday!

Favorite Family Pic

This one is my favorite family picture of us.  Lisa is still working on editing all of our pictures and is really busy, but I had to share my favorite one.  There are a few others I really love when we are all dressed up too. Ashlyn's individuals came out so pretty and the boys had some fun superhero shots too I will share when she is done.  We really took a lot of John and I too for a frame in our bedroom and those came out really good.  Lisa does an amazing job and I can't wait to share more with you.

Yeah for Costa Rica!

There are a few benefits of being a franchise owner.  We get great advertising across the nation, great discussion with other Maids franchise owners on what is working and not in their area, and some resources in marketing, strategy, and processes from the corporate office.  Not to say all of that doesn't cost a ton though!  Well, another huge benefit is a small competition they put on every year.  The Maids will take the top franchises around the country on an all expense paid trip every year, usually to a tropical destination.  We have won 6 out of the 8 years we have been open.  Last year was really close and we didn't qualify :(  Since the beginning, John and I have rotated with John's parents for each trip.  John and I enjoyed Hawaii the most!  I think Sue and Gary liked the Caymen Islands the best.  Sue helps us babysit the kids for us to go when it is our turn.  We are on track to make it this year - we will know at the end of the fourth quarter for sure in Dec.  It

Seeing Mrs. Michelle again

I love our private school we have used the past 7 years.  I love the schedule the most.  My kids go for 3 days a week and I enjoy them for 4.  I love that for the most part, the assignments I help teach them on Tues and Thurs are spelled out for me.  And I love how their teachers are so involved in what I need help with.  It is an overall wonderful, biblical education taught from a classical approach which we love too. But I have to say that I also love home schooling!  And I love planning out our day and using everyday experiences as a "lesson" along side our normal FCA curriculum core subjects.  I especially love our one on one time Ashlyn and I have had the past 2 months.  What a difference going form 4 busy children to one most of my day is.  I love it! I can speed through the subjects that she is excelling at and slow down on the ones that are harder.  We can learn to sew, cook, and work on our social skills together.  I can't wait for winter so we can stay in our

A Sneak Peek...

Lisa did an amazing job with .our family pictures this year.  It had been since 2010 that we had taken professional pictures with her.  It's so nice when you are done growing your family that you don't have to take them as often :)  We had three outfit changes for this shoot, and I am most excited for our last outfit.  But she is still working on those - so when I get to see them, I will post them on here for you all.  Here is the first one we did get to see (the mirror picture)

Pumpkin Patch with Grandma Sue

2012 National Desiring God Conference

John and I had the opportunity to go to our 7th Piper conference this past weekend. We drove to Minneapolis with our good friends, Brent and Cari Evers for the third time. We have enjoyed the conference with the Knorr's 5 years too and have missed them the past 2 years. This year's conference was titled "Act the Miracle" and was about Sanctification. It was very practical and encouraging. Here are a few pics from the conference. We are planning to go again next year and don't know what the conference is titled yet. John Piper will be retired by then from Bethlehem Church, but still plans on speaking at conferences.

Science Field Trip

Ashlyn is studying the different types of leaves in Science this week. So we took her friend Faith for a leaf hunt this past Wed. We went to Weston State Bend Park, which is beautiful when the leaves aren't turning. It was so pretty right now! We were successful in our hunt, and mostly found maple trees. There were a few pine trees, some oak trees and some really pretty large leaves. We can't wait to see what our next chapter is about and where we can go for that...

Photo Props

Because we haven't taken family photos since 2012 and we probably won't again for at least another year, we decided to try out some photo ideas I have seen on Pinterest lately.  One included hanging this "Hanson Crew" banner behind us while we were all dressed up.  Another included John and I holding a mirror that showed the kids sitting together in the reflection.  My favorite pose I think was of the 3 boys in white dress up shirts ripped open to see a superhero logo....those pics coming soon...

More Yummy Dinners

 Ashlyn continues to amaze me with her cooking skills.  We are planning a meal, shopping for it, and cooking it every Mon, Wed, Friday.  She is helping me try alot of new recipes.  Here are a couple pics of recent meals - homemade beef enchiladas and beef & noodles....

Playing Catch Up

Sorry again for the lack of blog posts. We have been busy with school work at all 3 schools, lots of Maids work, and some volunteer work at FCA the past couple weeks. We took family pictures in that time with my best friend. I am excited to share those when they are ready! John and I also just got back from the Piper conference this weekend. We enjoyed the weekend with another couple, Brent and Cari. Very enjoyable weekend all around! The kids enjoyed time with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Gary while we were gone. Pics and more stuff coming soon....