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Another Chipotle Halloween

 We always have loved getting free or discounted Chipotle for Halloween. This year it was just Jonathan and I. We picked up dinner for the boys and I. It was still delicious and affordable, but we missed the rest of the gang and our normal tradition.

Starting a stair project

 Our stairs have always bothered me. The main thing is there is no stair skirt. That's the wood trim that goes along the stairs. It looks unfished to me. The railing had fell off last year too and I never got it back on. My intention with this project is to remove the carpet, add a stair skirt, add beadboard paneling, new carpet and a new rail. Hoping it doesn't take very long too. Here is the demo portion along with the skirt and wallpaper trim.

Pumpkin Patch

 While Ashlyn was home for the weekend, we too advantage of a free pumpkin patch in Kansas. It was actually pretty fun. We went to Lawrence since we were so close for Joshua's favorite BBQ place to - Bigg's BBQ.

Passport Renewals

  They have grown alot in those five years, and they still have the straight face down! Oh, my Josh!

Friday night Haunt

 We were excited to go to Haunt this year at World's of Fun when Ashlyn came home for the weekend. This was Jonathan's first time in spooky houses. He was a little hesitant and ran through the first one stuck to my side, but by the end of the night, he was good. It was pretty cold too, but overall, a great memory!

PH Homecoming

 Caleb went to Homecoming tonight with his friend Ainsley. Joshua went with a group of his guy friends. I was able to get a couple pictures before they left for the evening. They both had a great time. I'm thankful for the friends they have both made at Park Hill and LEAD.

Blockbuster find

 Many of you already know the story, but John and I met working at Blockbuster Video together in college. We met at one of the largest stores in the country, in little Pueblo, Colorado. I have kept a lot of my old work stuff from there mainly because it is sentimental to me. My kids love to see Blockbuster stuff. We used to go to the one here in KC all the time before they closed. Today at Target, I found a vintage Blockbuster t-shirt. I was so excited! Here it is next to my old work sweatshirt I have kept all these years.

We found it

  The best ice cream you can buy in stores! Great Value's brand Frozen Hot Chocolate. We love it! And buy it in twos each time it's in stock.