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July Family Pictures

We got another set of pictures back tonight that Lisa took in July. These were taken at Loose Park where we took pictures a couple years ago in orange and blue...I can't believe how great the kids did this time - all smiling and looking in the same direction. I am excited to order some of these too. Decisions, decisions...

May Family Pictures

Lisa did an amazing job in May with these...we are updating our picture frames at home with them now :)

A happier (and free) workplace makeover

When I am asked what my occupation is or what I do for a living, I happily respond with Homemaker. In my mind, I want to blurt out full time laundry machine. I really do about 2 loads a day unless I take a few days off and then do about 7 loads in one day. As many of you know, I finally finished my old laundry room at our first house because I spent most of my days in and out of that room. I loved how it turned out and loved that I did not fell like I worked in a dungeon anymore....well let me show you what our new laundry room looks like in our second house... More concrete and lots of unfinished walls! When I was going through garage sale stuff, I found some of the curtains that hung in the windows here when we bought the house. We replaced them all when we first moved in. I sold the majority of them when we first moved here at a neighborhood garage sale. This garage sale, I sold a few sets and kept the rest for my free laundry makeover, which I finally got to this weekend...

Some emergency practice

Yesterday was a school adventure for our 3 kiddos. Caleb had his first experience with a fire drill, except not for practice. One of the light bulbs in the computer lab burnt out and caused enough smoke to set off the alarms. The whole school had to evacuate while the firemen walked through the halls to clear the smoke and okay the children back in. It was a little exciting he said and lasted about an hour. About an hour later, a big storm blew through Kansas City. Jonathan and I were caught in some of the heavy rain as we left Gordman's and we thought we heard the tornado sirens going off near that area but weren't sure. When Joshua and Ashlyn came home, they said that they had to take precautions for a tornado because the sirens went off near their school. This meant that they were either in the bathrooms or classroom closet with the rest of their class in the tornado position (head on floor and rolled up in a ball) was an adventure for them too. When Caleb got

Fall Soccer

Ashlyn and Joshua are both trying soccer this fall. Tonight is the first practice. While they are practicing for an hour, Caleb and Jonathan and I are going to try out the park trail, maybe with their bikes. I'll try to get more pics at their first game in a couple they are in the backyard practicing.

J's first day w/ mom

Today was my first full day with only Jonathan. We walked Caleb to the bus stop and then came home to shower. We cleaned up the entire house in about 20 minutes...that doesn't happen normally. Then we went to FCA to drop off some coffee to a friend and went to Sam's Club together. After we ran home the frozen stuff, we headed to the library for preschool time. We are going to be regular attenders on Wednesdays at 11. That hasn't happened since I only had Ashlyn . They made bead necklaces, read 3 stories, and watched a book on video. He seemed to like it. We headed to a thrift store by our house and found some used soccer stuff there. Ashlyn and Joshua started their fall league last night. Jonathan was so excited to find a brand new Yoda backpack there for .50...he LOVES Yoda and I have never seen a backpack before at the stores. We will use it for misc until he starts preschool next year. He picked Stuart Little to watch together after lunch while I worked on

Our lion's first day

Caleb enjoyed his first full day of Kindergarten yesterday with Mr. Richards. The buses were really late coming home, so I think it made for a longer ride home and a longer day. But he didn't mind. He loved recess and lunch almost as much as the bus. He made a couple new friends and we got to get to know a neighbor we hadn't met yet until the bus stop wait. They have twins in K, boy and girl, but neither are in his class. He seemed excited to know kids today on the bus. Today, he seemed a lot more prepared and ready for the day. He LOVES the bus - I can't say it enough. We originally planned on him only going a couple days a week by bus, but it looks like more than that. The perk is that my day at home is about 45 minutes longer without the drive time and he really does love it. We'll keep you posted on that later...

Caleb is in Kindergarten!

We have THREE in school! Caleb started Kindergarten today at Line Creek Elementary. He took the bus, which was the most exciting part of his first day! Here he is waiting for the bus with me. You should have seen his smile when the bus came around the corner. He was so excited! Here he is stepping into the bus. And when the bus was driving off....I actually got a little teary eyed then, which was the first time for me when sending a Kindergartner off. Maybe it was because of him driving off instead of me leaving him in the classroom like the other 2...After they left, I went to meet him at the school. We ate breakfast together in the cafeteria for the first day. We were rushed because the buses were all late. They say that will happen most of the week. After breakfast, we headed to Mr. Richards class just in time for the pledge. Here he is at his desk working on his coloring sheets. We got to meet with Mrs. Michelle last night who will begin speech next week with Caleb and w

First day at FCA

Today was our first day at Faith Christian Academy. Ashlyn is in 4th grade and Joshua is in 1st. We are very excited about both teachers we have. They will go Mon, Wed, and Fri from 8-3:30 and be home on Tues and Thurs. We just love it! They were both so ready for school to start, even though Joshua looks a little worried in his picture... After we visited with a couple other parents, Jonathan and Caleb wanted to go to the park. Since I had my camera, I took a couple shots there too. Caleb will go to his back to school night tonight and start K tomorrow. We will post pics soon of that big day...

12 years and counting...