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Our first fieldtrip

 The best part of homeschooling is the schedule. We have been doing great with our homeschool hours and are a little ahead of our needed hours. When we got free tickets to the KC Home and Garden Show, we decided to take the day off and venture to Kemper arena. We saw a lot of great products for our home as well as some cool landscape projects. Jonathan's favorite part - he convinced me to buy a Branson trip - yep, a timeshare presentation is involved, but he is super excited for a weekend getaway now that he's not in school. We'll see when we go, but are hoping very soon!

Student of the Month

  Jonathan was selected as Plaza's Student of the Month for December. We didn't know until today. They sent his certificate and pin in the mail. This is a big deal because only 1 boy and 1 girl per team gets selected and there are 8 teams in the school. He was excited that he was chosen and kind of bummed he will miss the picture and award thing. So I thought I would embarrass him on here. Way to go Jonny!

The loss of Kobe

When we started homeschooling this year, we needed a notebook for Jonathan to write his daily schedule in. We didn't plan ahead so he went into our sunroom and found an old notebook Caleb had bought a few years ago. He found this Kobe Bryant notebook and we talked about who he is and how he played basketball and was amazing. He's been using it each day as his daily planner. Well, today sadly, he died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter and an another couple. We are very saddened and thankful we got to talk about him before his death.

Progress on the floor

Starting the floor downstairs

 We're so excited to finally start laying the wood flooring downstairs. Moments after we worked on the first row, we realized the corner of the room dips down. Looks like we have to level that corner first. It is kinda a neat and easy process. Basically you can pour a leveler mix into the corner and it just dries level. It was awesome and so easy. Once it dries, we will go back to starting the floor.

Snow on London Dr

 Super excited for a beautiful layer of snow on our street today. And the best news - it's Saturday! No where to be...

Jonathan is homeschooling!

We decided back in December to pull Jonathan from school and homeschool him. The primary reason was because he had never been to a private school or tried homeschooling before and all of the other 3 kids had. He also wasn't loving school and I had a lot more time since I wasn't working much at The Maids anymore. We are excited to share the teaching responsibilities between both John and I. He is going to take on History, Reading, and Bible. I am tackling Math, Science, English, and PE. We'll keep you posted as the semester progresses. 

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