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Our BIG Boy!

After a weight check today, Jonathan Luke is at 12 1/2 pounds exactly!!

Desiring God Book Sale

On Wed and Thursday this week, all the books in the Desiring God Bookstore will be available for $5 each. This is a great deal!!! You have to buy them online and on those two days to get the special price. John is going to spend our annual book budget those days I am sure. I thought I would post this since people all over the country can take advantage of the deal. Have fun shopping!!!

Our first ER visit

Well, we are proud to say we made it about 6 1/2 years without taking a child to the ER until yesterday. There were many high temperatures, falls, and gashes and we always waited them out and never went in. We have always said since Caleb started walking that he would be our first child to the ER. He runs 90 miles a hour looking to the side or behind and is constantly running into walls, doors, and just about anything that doesn't move. He has mastered falling off chairs and down stairs! I am surprised to say that yesterday our first ER trip was not for him, but JOSHUA. Poor guy! We were setting up our new slip-n-slide yesterday to cool off and before we could even hook it to the hose and actually slip, Joshua tripped on it. The bad news it he fell right into the leg of our trampoline - A metal pole with 4 screws holding it to the top of the trampoline. With bad luck, he ran right into one of those screws and busted his forehead open right in the middle of his forehead above his r

Bath Time!

Jonathan enjoying his bath (notice the big tummy!) Warming up after the bath

As we continue to buy more diapers....

Thanks to the government!!

More bad visitors to our yard...

NOT QUITE AS SCARY AS THE SNAKE (EXCEPT TO JOSHUA!) In the middle above: poison ivy We think this one WAS poison oak, John conquered it yesterday

Hanging Out in The Yard

Joshua and Caleb smiling at the camera Enjoying a p opsicle together

Swimming 101

Ashlyn is taking her first 2 weeks of swimming lessons this summer. She just finished her first week! There are 2 other kids in her lesson and her teacher is great. She is the best back floater in her class and is already pushing off the wall and swimming under water for a few seconds. The 3 boys and I enjoy staying at the pool and watching her learn. Today was the first really hot day so we are glad they have shade and a snack bar! Her teacher told me that she will give the diving board a try next week (he will catch her of course) and keep on treading water. We are so proud of her!!

VBS Space Fun!

Ashlyn, aka Agent Pinky, loved VBS this year!! Rylee, Ashlyn, Joshua and Caleb at the VBS program

Gotta Love Oops!

Just had to write a quick note about how much I love Oops Paint!!! Whenever we are really bored at home or need a reason to get everyone buckled and a quick ride, we head off to Lowes or Home Depot to check out the oops paint. It is really a timing thing with that paint. We have really been fortunate to find the color we are needing most of the time. For $5 a gallon, you can't go wrong. We found 3 more gallons this weekend and I am so excited :) Most of the painting I do around the house has been oops paint. We are getting ready to paint the boys room before Jonathan goes in and I am hoping to get their color in a Oops can. Joshua decided to peel off his border on his top bunk when he is not tired, so we thought we would take that down and paint before it gets looking bad around the whole room. A lighter color might help that small room look a little bigger with 3 growing boys in it anyway (it is red and bright yellow now). We'll keep you posted on that project as it

Project Ceiling

While my dad and stepmom were visiting, they helped (really did by themselves!) me put up tiles in my laundry room. It is so nice to spend half of my day in a room that is finished now :) Anyone up for coming to visit?? I have a huge list of other projects to get done in between laundry!


Can't wait to see it...

We just watched the first two again this week to prepare for this one!!! We just loved the other two and are so excited... Not sure if we will make it this weekend, but are hoping for next. We'll let ya know what we think of it when we see it. You just can't go wrong with all these awesome actors and surprising plots. Have a great weekend for now!

A morning in the crib

Jonathan is outgrowing his bassinet (the great deal from Craig's List) already. He is scooting up and around and ending up sideways, screaming that he can't stretch out. We are preparing him (and the other boys) for a move to his big boy bed....we'll see how they all do in the same room soon enough!

Suspicious Spots

First we thought chicken spots, then rosiolla , and now...Poison Ivy!!! Poor Joshua, he is scratching like crazy and has calamine lotion everywhere. We are really glad that the baby won't catch this itch, but sure feel bad for Joshua!!!