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Meet Macy Rae

Joshua and I were able to go and meet Macy at the hospital the day after was born.  She was born on April 27th at 5:57 pm.  She weighed 7 pounds and was 18.9 inches long.

Bring your child to work day

Caleb enjoyed the day at The Maids for school.  He went to Sam's with me in the morning for supplies, helped John stock the pop machine, and loved checking in the teams as they returned.  Oh, and he loved going out to lunch too!  We wonder if he will wait until he is 16 to become an actual Maids employee!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Sue's this year.  Molly was so fun to watch. The boys enjoyed looking for the one "golden egg" this year.  Ashlyn and Rylee hid all the eggs, which included some money this year too!

Easter Sunday

Vampire Face

Jonathan has figured out a way to tuck his lower lip in the space where his two missing front teeth were. He calls it his "Vampire face".

Hosting some new friends

Our crew was able to host the Williams Singers for a night through our church.  Two young men enjoyed our favorite Chinese restaurant, jumped on the trampoline with us, played basketball, and enjoyed some ice cream before sleeping in Ashlyn suite.  Then we went to church Sunday morning and enjoyed their choir performance with their peers.  It was so much fun!  We look forward to hosting more often.

Fun with Friends

We had a couple friends over this week.  Joshua has been friends with James since they were babies.  Now they are home schooling together!  He is very excited to be able to get together with him more. Jonathan's best friend from K, Marcel, was able to spend the night this week, while his parents went to a conference in CO.  He is such a good basketball player :)

Minecraft Party

Caleb turns NINE!

Happy 9th Birthday Caleb Ryan!

Spring Cleaning Begins...

 Starting in the school room/craft room...Lots of plans to use this room this Spring :)