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Black Friday

Our Black Friday tradition changed a little this year.  Ashlyn and I usually go each year with Grandma Peggy, but because of her lung problems and the need for an oxygen tank, she skipped out this year.  On our way home from Grandma Sue's Thanksgiving dinner, we decided to take our whole family to the Walmart sale that started at 6 pm.  The boys have always wanted to see what Black Friday shopping looks like!  It was busy.  I think they enjoyed it, but wasn't too sure about the checkout line.  When we left there, John dropped Ashlyn and I off at Kohl's to stand in the line going in at 8 pm.  We loved Kohl's this year!  Bought most of our gifts there and had fun doing it!  He came and picked us up from there and we took them all back home along with our trunk load of goodies.  Then we headed for hot chocolate and hit more stores.  We went to Target, Best Buy, Sport's Authority, and JcPenney.  We got some great deals and it wasn't as busy as normal.  We made it

Merry Christmas from The Maids

Thanksgiving 2013

Family Rules on the Stairs

I just bought a great oversized vinyl decal for my newly painted stairwell.  It goes wonderful with the new grey walls.  And it is HUGE!  About 3 1/2 feet tall.  I put it on the big wall you see as you walk down the stairs.  I think the kids will enjoy reading them everyday they go down to the car, play Wii, or enjoy TV downstairs :)  Because it was half off at Hobby Lobby, this great addition was only $18. Next project, adding the railing and picture collage...

A new stairwell

We finally did a trade for our stairwell this week.  A good friend who is a painter came and patched up all the holes in the wall, which were in abundant!  Then he painted it Network Grey, which I love!  Next up, painting trim, hanging a new vinyl decal and creating some new picture collages....

The obsession with Under Armor

 We've always known Caleb was a little special...his new obsession is Under Armor.  We got some free clothes through Park Hill that were Under Armor he loved.  Then I found some underwear at a thrift store.  He wants to wear them all of the time.  Now, he has made signs for his door and bought a backpack off of Craigslist.  We just love Caleb!

Groupon Decal Deal

The boys are enjoying a new vinyl decal I bought using a Groupon.  I had been wanting something new for that wall and love the way it came out!

Grandparents Day at FCA

Joshua enjoyed Grandparents Day at FCA this year alone.  He had both sets of grandparents there to listen to him say some chants and songs in his class.  He is growing into such a smart, respectable young man. (and looks alot like John as this age, especially with his glasses on!)