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Glitter paint

We finished up Ashlyn's room this weekend but we weren't sure what to do about the beam/column that runs through her room. We painted the walls a light grey and got rid of her awesome accent wall so she could paint a TARDIS. Since Dr. Who is the main theme of the room, we opted to go with a black beam. Then we found this awesome glitter paint that goes on clear, but tries really cook speckles. Here is the final product...

Ashlyn's new room

Ashlyn paints the TARDIS

 Ashlyn is redecorating her bedroom this weekend and has decided to put her art skills to work.  She is going to paint a TARDIS on her bedroom wall from Doctor Who.  Final pics to come...

Great reminder today

Found this on clearance at Kirkland's this week for our fireplace.  After an interesting 2014, we thought we could use the reminder going into 2015.  Thankful for His will and His leading this next year!