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Back Blogging

I used to love blogging. This was before Facebook and Instagram and all things "shareable". So because I was posting family events on those venues, I skipped our family blog posts. I had full intentions to go back and re-post them on this blog so I could continue to print our family blog books that our kids love looking at each year!  Well, I failed.  I also started a new blog for mother-in-law which was intended to be a cancer journey blog with at least 3 to 4 posts a week.  I failed there too. Plus, that was just too hard to type/log/share. There were moments we only wanted to know about. (these will be shared in the back blog though). So with high hopes and hopefully scheduled blog time, I plan to go back and catch this blog up to date.  I will post new posts going forward in 2017, but will also go back to 2015 and back-date old posts from Facebook and my calendar. So these older posts will be dated back when they happened. My hope is print both 2015 and 2016 books by