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Art Wall Bricks

 Ashlyn's high school has an amazing Art Department. They offer an AP Art Studio class that she took her senior year and at the end of that course, each students gets to paint a brick in the Art hall with their name on it. Since Ashlyn had a technology theme Art project and plans to major in Computer Science, she painted her brick as a computer circuit board.

Cracker Barrel - 1st time for the boys

  Apparently, the boys have never been to a Cracker Barrel. I am not sure if this is accurate, but we discussed it thoroughly and they said to take a picture to remember it! I think overall, they enjoyed it.

Mother's Day & Jonny's B-day


Ashlyn's graduation


Ashlyn's Graduation Open House


Jonathan is 12!

  Happy 12th Birthday buddy! You will always be my favorite birthday gift. And am so thankful for you. Thanks for making me smile and laugh every single day!

Ashlyn's last day of High School

  It's official! Ashlyn is done with high school. Her class rank was 8/420. She will graduate with honors and plans to attend Truman State University on a full ride scholarship. We are very proud of her.

Park Hill Art Festival

Ashlyn had a Senior booth at the Park Hill Art's festival this year for her AP Art Studio class. Her theme was "Technology through the ages" She did an awesome job. She also created a website of her work to showcase on her business card. Check it out! Ashlyn's Art Portfolio