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Daddy/Daughter Trip to Costa Rica


Hanging with the Boys

Since Ashlyn and John are living the high life in Costa Rica for 5 days, the boys and I are trying to make our time together a little fun.  They were all at school Friday while I dealt with a very messy financial problem at the Maids.  Once that was all resolved, I picked them up and we headed to the Maids office.  We finished the credit card processing and then rented 2 movies from the Redbox.  We watched both of them Sat morning right before we took Jonathan to a karate birthday party.  While he was there, Joshua and Caleb and I hung mini-blinds at work and finally hung some pictures in our office.  Then we returned the first 2 movies we rented for a Wii game and a movie for me.  They build a huge wrestling mat with every pillow in our house and wrestled for awhile.  Then they played Wii while I worked on a website project and watched my dumb movie.  We were able to skype with John and Ashlyn before bed and woke up to about 6 inches of snow this morning.  We all made a huge homemade

Life in Costa Rica

John and Ashlyn left for Costa Rica early Friday morning. They had a really fast turnover in Atlanta between Kansas City and Costa Rica, which made for a really quick phone call about some payroll problems as he left the country.  Their arrival in Costa Rica was without their luggage and they were wearing cold KC clothes in 90 degree weather.  It was kinda funny because I had just explained to Ashlyn that most luggage make it to their destination when I unpacked her carry on this Thursday. They were able to buy some short sleeve shirts and shorts the first day they were there and enjoyed a Maids reception and dinner.  Ashlyn made some new friends with a few of the other girls who came with their parents who own The Maids.  The walked on the beach Saturday morning, collected sea shells, and ate at a resort hotel.  Then they bought swimsuits ($100 each) and sunscreen ($30/bottle) to head out onto a Catamaran with The Maids.  They were able to snorkel, watch the sunset and enjoy a nice

Our "new" Maids Office

 Here is our building from the side.  It has 5 large offices, 1 conference room, a large breakroom, a reception area, a kitchen, both men and women bathrooms, a supplies room, a vac repair office and a garage.  Our big conference table w found on Craigslist.  We can use this for team leader meetings as well as office staff meetings.  No more moving around folding tables for stuff!   Our new large breakroom has four tables for breakfast, a couch and loveseat area, about 20 extra chairs along the wall, a coke machine, and an ice machine. We are excited for the teams to have much more room in the mornings before going out to clean. Caleb is always down at work when he can be so with this new building, he got his own desk.  He is sharing an office with his good friend Haley.  Hopefully he will help her with envelopes and other small project stuff while he is in there and not just distract her. He LOVES Haley! Ashlyn and I built some garage shelves for supplies.  There are

Maids Growth Summit 2013 in Vegas

Our Sales Manager won "Manager of the Year" so we were escorted to the hotel in a very nice limo.  We were also able to stay on the top floor of the hotel, which was super fancy.  Kelly was pampered all weekend which included a spa day, an M&M store tour, tickets to see the Blue Man group, a trip to the Hover Dam and a raft trip. She also won $1,000. Our Sat night dinner and awards banquet was also very nice.  Kelly was recognized again for winning Manager of the Year, and we were recognized for winning our Eagle's Air trip this year to Costa Rica.  John and Ashlyn leave this Thurs for that trip. We needed a special key card to get to our floor (32, which was a separate hotel called Hotel 32). It was super fancy!  We got slippers and robes to wear around on the floor. There was a free snack area that was open all day and night with excellent appetizers and drinks. The view from our hotel was New York, New York.  We were across the strip from the MG

J's first "missing" tooth

Jonathan was our first child who really hated having a loose tooth.  He didn't want to eat the past week because he said it hurt his tooth so much.  The good news is that it didn't stay loose long.  We were so glad when it fell out yesterday.  His excitement when it finally fell out was contagious!  We were walking out of Panda Express and he yelled out,  "YES!  My tooth fell out!"  We were so happy, but then all began to walk around the restaurant looking for it.  It is missing!  We wonder if it will make an appearance one day soon in the bathroom.  Until then, the tooth fairy will just leave some gum and $1 for all the pain he endured this past week, even without the actual tooth.

Surviving the move...

So the lack of blog posts actually may be valid this time.  We returned from Las Vegas on Sunday night and John started to feel sick on Monday.  At first he thought it was a bad cold, but quickly realized that it had to be the flu.  He spent most of Tues, Wed and Thurs in our bedroom in the dark moaning while I went to work and packed up as much of our Maids office as possible.  Thursday morning my body started to ache and I quickly got a fever.  When I called the doctor and explained that John thought he had the flu, they suggested going to the Urgent Care for Tamiflu. We decided for him to go first so that if he tested positive, we could both get the Tamiflu.  He did and because our Urgent Care is so wonderful, he just prescribed both of us an antibiotic, Tamiflu, and a cough syryp with coating to share.  We went home and began our new medicine routine - 3 Advil, 2 Tylenol, 1 Mucinex, 1 antibiotic and 1 Tamiflu every 4 hours. Well, I guess the antibiotic and Tamilu were only twice a

Snowboarding & Sledding

Caleb and Jonathan enjoyed the weekend with their good friends Eli and Isaac. My best friend took them snowboarding and sledding, which is all Caleb and been talking about since. Here are some fun pictures she took to share with me...

Packing, schoolwork, working, packing...

Last weekend was so wonderful in sunny Las Vegas and John and I really enjoyed a little relaxation while we were there.  The kids all enjoyed themselves also while we were gone.  S\We all got back home on Sunday at different times, and it has been crazy since then.  We are moving our Maids office this weekend and we knew we would have possession of the new office when we got back from our Las Vegas trip.  We has slowly been packing up things we don't need daily, which is not a whole lot in an office, and still had some packing to do when we came back.  Well to our surprise the construction work was not all completed and we were unable to move boxes over until this Friday.  So Ashlyn and I have been packing a little each day and organizing file cabinets, etc since we will only have 2 1/2 days to move everything from one office to the other and completely setup the office to open on Monday.  John also go the flu Tues and Caleb a small stomach virus yesterday.  We are praying the rest

Funnies from Today

"Oh, man.  Walmart isn't busy right now!  That means everyone will notice the boys now." - Ashlyn as the boys run with the cart to the fish aquariums completely serious. "I'm glad we're here to get the last fish.  These people are actually fish experts compared to the Walmart people.  They are SMART pet people!" - Joshua while walking into Petsmart tonight.