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Trying it out Judo

Because Jonathan hadn't done a sport yet and his friend Isaac was going to try Judo, we decided to sign him up.  After his first practice, Caleb seemed interested so we signed him up too.  We were able to try it for a couple months free before we committed.  It was clear after the first month that Caleb was really good.  Jonathan didn't enjoy it like he thought he would and his friend dropped out after the first month.  So we signed Caleb up for 3 months.  He really improved!  He decided in July after his 3 months that it was hard to leave his friends during the summer for two practices a week so we are taking a break.  We hope to go back though maybe after soccer!

Painting Surprise

Ashlyn and I went to Pinot's Pallet as a surprise this week before the boys got done with summer school.  She really enjoyed it!  She is a great artist and is excellent at free hand drawing.  We can't wait to go back again, maybe for her birthday.

God's Provisions

We have seen God work through so many people and circumstances these past couple months.  We thought we would share a few moments of these provisions... We enjoyed a free trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone thanks to The Maids International We were able to find John's missing wedding ring in our backyard because a couple from church lent us their metal detector We were given a beautiful sleeper sectional couch from dear friends who we helped move one weekend.  We love it! Our neighbors that live directly behind us installed a new fence, which I was just going to replace because of many holes and broken boards We were able to adopt a beautiful black lab from a couple on Craigslist who couldn't take her with them on a move.  We love her and she is the perfect fit to our family! We had a Maids van stolen from our parking lot this past weekend and we were able to get it back with very little damage.  So we are very thankful for that! We were given a free futon bunk bed

Bear's Favorite Seat

Because our van only has windows in the front seat, that is where Bear prefers to sit!

Back from Paradise

  John and I just returned from our couples trip to Jackson Hole, Wy with The Maids. We earned this free trip for being one of the top revenue grossing franchises in the US. It was beautiful!! We enjoyed the trip so much as well as the time alone with each other. These pictures do not begin to show the beautiful scenery and wildlife we experienced. We can't wait to take the kids back one day to Yellowstone :)