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Thanksgiving 2019


Back to Blogging

Hey there blog world! It has been almost 3 years since I have made an entry on this family blog. Alot has happened in that time. My mother-in-law started a cancer blog that I kept up for her for two years while she was going through that journey. After she passed away in January 2017, my intentions were to go back to our family blog and just never did. Most of my family updates have been made regularly to my Facebook page since then. John is regularly on LinkedIn. I plan to go back and update this blog with a few big family events that happened between 2017 and 2019 and then hope to keep this going again in 2020. I've recently been adding 2019 posts beginning in January... My biggest goal is to include our 2019 Christmas letter here like we used to do. So that might be my next post... Looking forward to 2020 with the Hanson Crew :)

Bear's happy


Parkville Picture Fun

 We went to Parkville to attempt taking a Christmas card photo today. It was chilly and everyone was a little grumpy, but we got a few. Here are a few sneak peeks..

Darker doors & lighter walls

After I finished the stair project and added a lot of white trim, I decided to work on the downstairs living room. First up, painting the doors a dark grey. They were white before. I painted the walls a lighter grey. I am hoping to add a wood laminate floor next!



Staircase Update

 We started adding carpet this week. It was challenging, but still fun. John had to help with the end of the project, which he always enjoys.

Swim conferences

 Joshua had an amazing conference meet this year in swim. He dropped time in both of his events, which made him very happy! He didn't qualify for state, but he did swim Varsity all season and ended with times he had been shooting for all season. Way to go Josh!