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Halloween Favorites...

We ate it up today!  Love the Papa Murphy's jack o lantern pizza each year!  We added some cookie this year too!

Halloween 2014

We had a fun night tonight.  Ashlyn did not trick or treat this year, which was weird and nice.  She helped hand out candy with Bear. She dressed as a character from one of her favorite books in the Percy Jackson series.  Jonathan and Joshua teamed up as Harry Potter characters, Harry and Ron.  Caleb stuck with his favorite TV show, Duck Dynasty, and dressed as Uncle Si.  I love how they dress as book and TV characters!  And yes, we got tons of candy!

Is Ashlyn really 14?

She has been such a joy and blessing to our family!  I remember when she was just a wee little thing and now she is going to be starting high school next year!  Happy Birthday Ashlyn Diane!

Joshua's Eleven

Joshua celebrated his 11th birthday today with his two good friends James and Chancellor.  He has known these two since they were babies in the nursery!  We went to Texas Roadhouse and then went to see a movie.  It was a great time!

Fall is here!

So I grabbed my camera to experiment with dog photography.  Hmm!  I don't know if we will try this again with Lisa for a professional pics...notice Ashlyn holding the dog still and begin pulled toward Josh....this is the best one we could get.

Bear bearing bandanas

We have been shopping for bandanas lately for Bear and are having so much fun!  When we take fall picture with Lisa, we hope to include her in the picture wearing one...we will see how that day goes!