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Words everywhere

 I've been told that I tend to decorate with a lot of words. I had noticed a few years ago that I do have a lot fo H's around the house, but didn't notice words. When I walked around today I found that it is true! I have more words hanging on my walls than actual photos. I thought I would share a few of my favorites...

Learning cursive

  Our other three kids learned cursive at the private school they attended in elementary school. Jonathan never got to learn cursive so we decided to add it to his homeschool curriculum. This book was on Amazon for a great price and has really been good for him. If you have a teenager that missed cursive and they want to learn it over the summer or some other break, we highly recommend it!

Missing Ashlyn

  It's still so weird to see Ashlyn's room sit empty. I have often contemplated moving Jonathan upstairs to this room so he can have his own room and it won't be empty all the time. Ashlyn plans to be in Seattle all summer working for Amazon, so she won't be here much in the summer either. Joshua loves having his own bathroom when Ashlyn's gone so he is good with Jonathan staying downstairs with Caleb. What do you all think?

Valentine's Day

  It's hard to believe John and I have been "dating" now for 23 years! He asked me on our first date Feb 14, 1997. We were working at Blockbuster Video together. It's hard to believe how fast the time has gone by. Ashlyn is the same age we were when we got married! It's crazy! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

2nd Fieldtrip - WWI museum

  Jonathan and I ventured out for a History fieldtrip today. He believes this is one of the best parts of homeschool. This week was Homeschool week down at Union Station so we got a great deal on the museum entry! The museum also has a cool activity for kids - kinda like a scavenger hunt while you walk through. Jonathan and I rocked it. We also enjoyed many discussion about what we were seeing. We are looking forward to more and more field trips like this one the rest of semester!

KC Chiefs Parade

The entire KC area has been celebrating since Sunday and today was the biggest event. Schools and businesses were shut down to all go downtown for the Superbowl parade. It was pretty chilly and we knew the crowds would be awful (we loved the KC Royals parade & new it was so crowded down there), so we voted on watching it on TV. I'm glad we did. It was pretty crazy. 

New Donut Shop

  A new donut shop opened this morning right by our house, in the Coves shopping center, and it's amazing! The donuts are still warm and you can put fresh creme filling in the fresh donut if wanted. It's delicious. Come check it out if you're in the KC area!

Superbowl Sunday

 The KC Chiefs made it to the Superbowl this year and had a great chance to win! And they did! We decided to throw a party while we watched them play. We invited some friends over. The best part, we decided to have a karaoke contest too (idea came from missionary friends who did this in their last country). That was the most fun! Everyone was so creative. We laughed so hard! We have them all on video too, but can't share them all on here. Feel free to ask to see them if you're interested. Here are a few pictures of the party!