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Happy New Year from our crew!

We welcomed 2015 tonight as a crew!  John woke up feeling a little sick, but we think it was side affects from a shot he just got.  But since the flu is spreading like wild fire here in KC and he felt like he might have symptoms, we had to cancel our New Year's Eve game party.  We were bummed, but a couple of the families that were coming also had sick children, so it worked out for everyone.  The kids enjoyed the countdown show in New York and we plays a board game.  Happy New Year!

IKEA with the boys

I took the boys to IKEA today for free lunch and a tour of the warehouse.  They liked it!  And they kept saying how much it reminded them of Property Brothers!  We love HGTV here!

John's Birthday

John turned 37 today!  Hard to believe we have shared half of our lives together now...he went in late to work, had lunch with office staff, and then dinner at Texas Roadhouse with us.  When we came out, we had a flat tire.  We were next door to Discount Tires so we slowly went that way, but it was closed.  John went out to put the spare on (without a coat in freezing weather) but we later found out it was flat!  So we waited for a tow truck to bring us air.  We made it home about an hour later.  Happy Birthday John!

Our vacation summed up...

Our winter break from school and some work include a lot of extra reading, electronics, and our favorite thing....SLEEP! Even Bear has been participating....

Bear's first Christmas

Bear enjoyed her first giant bone (around her size) Christmas morning while we opened presents.  She loved the red twisty stuff the most.  After we opened presents as a family, we went to Grandma Sue's and Grandpa Gary's house.  We celebrated there with them as the Cordova family.  We ate more food and got more presents.  It was a fun time!

Special gifts for the kids

My dad gave me gifts from his home while I visited him this month for the kids to remember him.  Ashlyn and I both got a Broncos shirt, Joshua got a grilling apron, and the younger boys got favorite Nascar cars that he kept in his Dale Earhart, Jr, collection.

Christmas Eve with Grandma Peggy

Per tradition each year, we spent Christmas Eve with Grandma Peggy and her boyfriend Larry.  We enjoyed dinner and then opened presents.  We are so thankful for them and the time we have with them living so close.

Remembering Phillip Daniel Maestas

My dad, Phil, passed away tonight around 9:00 pm.  He died in his sleep, which was very peaceful and not painful.  Here is his obituary: Phillip passed away December 17, 2014 after a short illness. Born to Joseph and Jessie Maestas in La Junta, CO. Phil enjoyed anything Nascar, throwing darts, and bowling. He loved his yard and fed all of his critters daily. Phil was preceded in death by his parents, brother Richard, brother Rudy, and stepson James. He is survived by his wife of 28 years, Velma, daughters Karen Munez (Ben), DeAnna Hanson (John), Adrienne Valdez (Mario), and stepdaughter Brenda Tenney. Grandchildren Shawn, Lindsey, Ashlyn, Joshua, Caleb, Jonathan, Abigail, Alleigha, and Jacob. Brothers Andy and Dennis, sisters Louise Ponce (Paul) and Vivian all of Pueblo, CO, and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins. Phil lived and worked in Pueblo, CO, until he joined the navy in 1982 aboard the CV61 USS Ranger and discharged honorably in 1986. He made his home in Bre

Merry Christmas from our Crew!

2014 was a busy, but good year for our crew.  Deanna is homeschooling our oldest two kids full time this year, but with the help of a great co-op that meets twice a week called Engaged in Life Academy.  John stays busy working out, working at The Maids, and keeping up with church ministries.  Jonathan and Caleb are still attending Line Creek Elementary near our home and loves it!  Caleb has caught up in speech and reading and is starting to like to read now.  Jonathan hopes to home school next year for 3rd grade, but we aren't sure yet what our plans are for the next school year. I am in shock that Ashlyn will begin high school next year either at a school or home - how did that happen! John's Grandma Steiner passed away this year, but we were able to go to Omaha for the funeral and to see family up there.  Deanna's Grandma Nancy also passed away in Dec 2013.  She took the kids out to the funeral and was able to reconnect with a lot of her stepdad's family.  It was

AFC West Champions Again!

So the Denver Broncos won the West Division title again this year!  This is 4 years in a row!!  We love Broncos football here :)  Way to go Denver!

Maids of KC Morning Meeting

We entered a video contest in September with The Maids and our video won! It captured two minutes of our morning meeting. We used the $500 prize money for our Christmas party! The kids and I worked on it together :)

A visit with my dad...

Thanks for praying with us.  I made it to Bremerton, Washington in time to see my dad.  His liver and kidneys are both not functioning.  They are helping him stay comfortable while he passes.  We have had some great conversation while I am here.  I did not get to know my dad until I was 18.  My parents divorced when I was 4 and I was raised by my stepdad John. and mom.  I am so thankful I have got to know him these past 18 years.  He has come to visit many times and my 4 kids have got to know him.  We will miss him greatly, and plan stay in touch with my stepmom.  Please continue to pray for the rest of the month for our family.  Thanks!

Please pray for Papa Phil

I got a call today from my stepmom that my dad is in the hospital with only a few days to live.  He is only 60 and was just diagnosed yesterday with Stage 4 Liver disease.  Since then, his kidneys have begun to shut down.  I plan to go visit him this weekend with my sister Adrienne.  Please pray for him and our family.  Thanks!

Advent begins...

We are starting a new Piper book we got at the National conference this year today.  It is called The Dawning of Indestructible Joy, and only takes about 10 minutes to read each night.  We look forward to celebrating this season of remembering the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.