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Joshua in Bible class

Joshua's 3rd grade teacher has noticed how funny Joshua can be. This past week they were talking about Jephthah's vow that if God gave him victory he would offer a sacrifice. She was telling them that God didn't need that, He had already told him to go into battle, that God doesn't make deals with us for stuff He wants. Joshua piped in, "God isn't a business man." She said it was pretty funny and noted it on her Facebook account as her favorite 3rd grade quote so far this year. I thought I would share it here too.

2012 Maids Company Picnic

We ate, we played some fun games, and got caught up outside of work. Here are a few pics...

Riverside Festival

Our entire crew was able to enjoy a fun, free, Friday festival this weekend down in Riverside. There were inflatables, a wonderful climbing wall, live music and no lines! We couldn't believe it. The kids could just go back through each slide over and over. It was so much fun, that I took the kids the next night while John attended a poker night with a good friend. It was a little busier that night, but still lots of fun. Joshua clearly has a talent in climbing and we were told by the volunteer to sign him up for some climbing classes. He seemed pretty excited about that sport (first time ever)....Here are a few pics of the fun the second night...

Anniversary Shopping

John and I enjoyed a little shopping after our dinner date this week and finally spent our Anniversary gift card. We love our 2 new Calphalon skillets....thanks Phil and Velma!

Four Generations

Great Grandparents Visit

Great-grandparents from AZ are visiting KC for two weeks to meet cousin Molly so we were able to have dinner with John's side of the family this weekend.  I think our family might be overwhelming to everyone there, so were are trying to not hang out there as much anymore when a big group is there. We really do enjoy playing cards and games with Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Pat and were able to do that some Sunday night. We hope to go over again this Thurs or Sat to play some more games.  We're so thankful that our kids have got to know both the great-grandparents. We hung out with them this summer in AZ alot and really enjoy them. I'll try to take more pictures of the group this weekend to share.