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Our Favorites - which is yours?


After a long week, we thought we would enjoy a day of play. Here are a couple fun pics. The jury is still out on the Christmas card pictures. We are cropping a couple and will ask again once that is done...

Christmas Picture time - too many to choose from!

The marvelous work of my friend Lisa (before any editing or cropping) - now I need to pick one for the cards so we can fix it and print it. Any votes??? I will probably frame the individual ones in my living room (after we zoom in on the boys I think) in their10x13 frames we update each couple months to fit with my living room Christmas decor.

Looking Like Dad

Isn't it funny how none of my kids look like me - only John??? Maybe this next one will...

Craig's List

Good morning! Sorry it has been forever since I updated this blog. We have all been sick at my house with a cold or something. I don't have any new pictures to post today, but I wanted to share this neat website I heard about this week. I am always look in our paper online for misc furniture or stuff for sale (because I enjoy a great deal!) not because I need more stuff of course. Anyway, this website called Craig's List allows you to search for things in your city, but includes the whole US and is free to post on. So I was thinking of selling a couple really cheap things out there and see if they sell since it is free to post on. I was searching last night for a mattress for our guest room and found some great deals!! I might end up using this site for all my shopping needs going forward. Anyway, here is the link:

Election Tuesday

Hey all. Just wanted to update you on the little one growing inside of me. The sickness is MUCH better. I usually wake up running to the bathroom and then enjoy the rest of my day in other rooms of the house. Not sure why this time it ended much earlier, but no complaints here. The last couple days I am fighting a bad cold that the kids had and unable to take much medicine so that has been miserable. But it still beats the toliet! Remember to go out and vote today. I am excited to see the results tonight. I'll probably have something to say tomorrow based on the results too.

Halloween 2006

Hello Kitty, Tigger, and Darth Vader