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Up Next...

Not sure where April went exactly, but I have big plans to post the following events & projects in the next couple days: Mother/Son Field Day with Jonathan Beautiful hike in Weston Nerf gun fun Project floor Garage cleanout Kingsbury returns

Lesson on Public Transportation

I have noticed how difficult it is for a few of our Maids to catch the bus after they get back from cleaning each day.  The schedules seem very confusing to me.  So Ashlyn and I decided to incorporate that into our 6th grade lesson plan this week.  She had to figure out the fastest bus route for us to take down to work.  And then she had to get us home by a certain time.  It was pretty interesting.  So we bought 2 day passes and headed on our way last Friday.  Little did we know when we planned the day that it would be 34 degrees out while we were early to our bus stop!  We had to switch buses down to work, but got to stay on the same bus home.  It was a fun adventure!  We need to take the boys one day Ashlyn said.

Poseidon's Trident Letterbox

Our crew created another Letterbox this weekend.  Joshua had just finished his unit on Greek Mythology and figured out how to create a stamp using an eraser. So he made a stamp of a trident for our new box.  We hid the box at the same park we have our first one near our house.  Once we hid it, our good friend Darwin came out and got to use our clues to find it.  He loved it!  He is from New York and had never heard of Letterboxing.  He hasn't walked much on park trails either.  He was so excited when he found it!  Here are the clues to the box if you are in KC: Drive to Platte Purchase Park (near Hwy 152 and N. Platte Purchase Road)at 2800 NW 100th Street, KC, MO, 64154. Enter in the Main Entrance of the Park to the left (you'll see a big park sign) and stay on the road until the parking lot at the end of the street. There will be baseball fields behind your parked car. Start walking west on the paved trail in the parking lot toward a wooded area and away from the

Caleb's Soccer Party


Guess who is EIGHT!

And is no longer in a booster seat in the car!!!  Happy 8th Birthday Caleb! Looking forward to this weekend celebration. We love you very much.

Piper's Farewell Sermon

John and I have both been very blessed by the ministry of John Piper the past 13 years.  Here is his final sermon preached at Bethlehem Baptist Church on March 31, 2013, Easter Sunday. "God Raised Your Great Shepherd from the Dead" by John Piper