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Dollar Deals at the Thrift Store

The kids and I ran into our favorite thrift store today after my haircut and found shirts for a dollar for each of us! We were so excited to rush home and put them on. Mine is maternity so I thought I would show ya all a side profile shot as I begin to "grow". I cut about 5 inches of my hair off today after months of letting it grow out. I am sure my mind will change about other decisions as our sonogram approaches quickly too. Just kidding! An adorable Childrens Place sweater for Josh - $1 Liz Lange Maternity shirt - $1 Ashlyn's "Winter Angel" shirt - $1

Happy Birthday John!

Happy 29th Birthday John!

Christmas 2006

Once again the kids got way too many presents and had a blast opening them all It took us about 4 hours to open them all! (We have one person open a present at a time while everyone else watches) Ashlyn's favorites were her guitar, drumset, and Easy Bake oven. Joshua loved his Cars movie, thomas pillowcase, purple care bear, and of course all his new trains! Caleb wasn't all the interested in opening for 4 hours quite yet, so I helped him in the end. He loved a huge Thomas the train tent, animal farm magnet game, and a old cordless phone from Rylee. His favorite thing still right now is that smelly puppy. We tried buying him a look alike in case it ever gets lost and he didn't like that so much. At least we'll have a backup if we ever need it! I am not sure how that will go if he ever does lose it. John and I got way too many gift cards to spend along with some movies (for me) and Ipod stuff (for John). He got a new Ipod for his Christmas bonus this year so he is on cl

Mahoney State Park in Nebraska

For Christmas this year, my mother-in-law spent her weekly "paychecks" on a trip to Mahoney State Park in Ashland, NE. This park is between Lincoln and Omaha, and is a place John and his family used to go to when they were little. The kids had a blast and it was fun to relax a little before Christmas. We went up the weekend before Christmas so we could celebrate Christmas with Sue's family in Omaha. The park has cabins, a lodge, a craft center, outdoor ice arena, huge ball/tunnel play area, restaurant, and a huge water park. This would be a fun place to go in the summer too! Here are some of our favorite pictures from that trip on Dec 16th! We especially likes the play area, John and Sue got in the tubes, slides, and balls with the kids. My stomach is getting to big to climb in some of them so I watched from the bottom. It was pretty fun! Sue with the kids getting ready for the slide A very fun spot with huge balls! Sue with the kids again up really high - John is taki

Our trip to the Space/Aircraft Museum in NE

John and the kids in front of a huge space shuttle Joshua prepares to land the plane These tires are just about their size! Ashlyn in the cockpit A very excited John at the museum

Hanging out!

Today we went to a friends house to work on a newsletter and had a lot fun. The little girl in the picture with the kids is a few months older than Caleb and is really "liking" him right now. We were excited to go and play with her. Her name is Josie. Her mom took this picture of them having lunch. Enjoy!

Boy or Girl?

With our decision to not find out the sex of this baby, comes many different guesses of which it is. Here are some myths we found while guessing to share. Do you think they are true? They have not all been true with our last 3 but some have... You will have a boy if: baby’s heart rate is under 140 beats per minute. you are carrying low and in front your urine is bright yellow your right breast is bigger than your left you don’t experience any morning sickness in the first trimester You will have a girl if: baby’s heart rate is faster than 140 beats per minute you are carrying high and all over your urine is clear your left breast is bigger than your right you sleep on your right side