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Easter in 2020

 We usually host Easter and try to hide eggs for Carol's kids. We usually have a big lunch after church service. Well, because of COVID and of course no family gatherings, we decided to make lunch for just our crew. But we still made the same traditional food - Joshua's yummy ham, homemade mac and cheese, and all the other sides. It was delicious, but we missed everyone.

Pet sitting

 My mom has been hospitalized for some time now with pneumonia. She has a cat named Colie who I have been taking care of. Long story short, I know it will be awhile before my mom can go home. She is likely to go to a rehab center for awhile after the hospital because the ventilator made her very weak all over. She can't walk, needs speech therapy, needs oxygen now 24 hours a day and has lost 50 pounds. Instead of going back and forth to her place during quarantine, we decided to bring her cat to live with us. This is hard because John and Ashlyn are allergic to cats. Plus, we have a large black lab who does not do well with small dogs. My guess is she won't do well with cats either. My plan is to set her up in our laundry room and try to keep the cat downstairs the whole time. We'll slowly introduce him to Bear. I'll keep you posted. Here is Colie.

Caleb turns 15!

  Caleb turned 15 today! He got his learners permit the following Monday. He loves his job at CFA, enjoys hanging out with his friends, roller skating, and snapping on his phone. Sorry you had to have a COVID birthday Caleb! But so thankful for you!