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Line Creek Field Day


First Drive-In of the Summer

We saw Star Trek 2 and GI Joe 2 last night.  It was empty.  It's funny how awake everyone was with their 32 ounce QT cup of caffeine. Jonathan and John left after Star Trek since they had school and work the next morning.  The rest of us made it through GI Joe.  I think this was Joshua's first time not falling asleep during the second flick.  Both were really good.  We're looking forward to a summer full of family fun!

Birthday Boy turns SIX!

Enjoyed a dog party with a few good friends from school. We played a water game, pin the tail on the donkey, dog catcher game, soccer, and trampoline fun, and enjoyed pizza and cake. Here are a few pics from the fun...

T-Bones with Dad

Here are a couple of date nights with John. The first night was Jonathan's turn and the second was Caleb. He hopes to take Joshua next. We were able to get season tickets and a great box seat, but only get two tickets per game. We're excited to love baseball this summer!

Kingsbury Returns

For those of you who know me well, I am not a book lover.  Well, I should say was a book lover.  Until I found a Christian Fiction author I couldn't put down, thanks to my good friend Heather.  I read 20 of her books in about 3 months.  I LOVED them.  When Ashlyn was getting bored of some of the classics John added to her home school book list this last month, I suggested she try Karen Kingsbury to see if she would love reading again.  It worked!  She has read 14 books in 2 weeks!  She loves them as much as me (and much have more time to read than me because she is reading a book a day).  He has her taking a small break for another Corrie Ten Boom book, but then she will finish the last 6 books of the series.  She is very excited!  If you want a great book recommendation and don't mind losing some sleep, pick up a Karen Kinsgbury book today at the library!

Nerf Gun Battles

 Lots of armor, guns, strategy...but I think John still won :)  They would all disagree though.

Weston Hike in April

We enjoyed this past Saturday hiking through Weston State Park. The weather was perfect, around 80 degrees. Joshua and I are clearly out of shape, unlike the others. The Missouri river was pretty full as we walked along bluffs overlooking it. Quite a beautiful scene.

Mother/Son Field Day

When Caleb was in Kindergarten at Line Creek, I remember him saying one of his favorite days that school year was the Mother/Son Field Day.  In fact, he wears his field day shirt every night to bed because it was so memorable.  Jonathan was just as excited to go this year!  We participated in some races Moms vs. Sons and others as a team together.  We made tye dye shirts and had lunch too.  Here are a couple pics to share..