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Myrtle Beach, SC

 John and I were able to plan a Maids trip for the Executive council he is Chairman of this year, We chose South Carolina since we both love the beach and have never been that way. It was relaxing and just as beautiful as we had heard. Here are a few pics from the trip...

Second time of Teepeeing

 Joshua and his fellow swim coaches went around and toilet papered the main coaches houses. When they went to bed, there were a few parents and coaches who enjoyed a little revenge. The last time our house looked like this  - John was a teacher at FCA and the senior class had a little fun with him!

End of summer swim

 We enjoyed another great year of summer swim with the Coves. Joshua won a big award this year for helping coach the younger swimmers. Here are a few pics from the awards night...

Ashlyn's new ride

 Since Ashlyn's going away to college and will be driving back and forth, we decided to get her a more reliable car. Plus, the truck is so great to have at home for hauling things around. Joshua will get to drive that until he goes away to college :)

The boys new dorm

 We tried to make the downstairs bedroom kinda like a dorm room - probably because we have looked at quite a few this past year with Ashlyn. We basically gave Caleb have the room and Jonathan the other half. Here is what it's looking like so far...

New closet progress

 We finally got the boy's closet finished. We learned alot about drywalling, lights, and organization...

Cow Appreciation Day

 Caleb was excited to start his week off with Cow Appreciation Day. The boys and I dressed up for free food and of course pictures of Caleb working so hard...

Caleb's got a job

 Caleb has enjoyed spending his time volunteering at our church help Roger with lawn and maintenance care. He loves to work! When his friend Danielle convinced him to apply at Chik-fil-A where she works, Caleb went ahead and applied. He got hired! He's excited because this is one of the few places that hire 14 year olds. Way to go Caleb!

Happy Independence Day!


Ashlyn's new room/Bear's hangout

 We painted Ashlyn's room a light grey and moved her furniture in there. We're excited to use this space as a guest room while she is gone and of course a relaxing place for her when she is home. Bear loves her bed so we are assuming she will spend most of her afternoons napping in there as well. I'll post pictures when it's all decorated soon...