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More quarantine

 Yep, it's still bad here in KC. We spend most of our days doing school, watching movies, baking, doing puzzles and taking walks. It's been refreshing to see so many neighbors out and about walking with their families. We are getting a little claustrophobic here. And sometimes it's nice to all go to our rooms and just get a little privacy from each other. We can't wait to get back to normalcy. At least go to church in person instead of online. It's been a crazy month for sure!


 So COVID-19 is the US and our city is locked down. We are quarantining in our house all of the time. Stores are empty without so many things, especially toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Ashlyn ended up not returning to school. Truman went virtual this semester so did the Park Hill School District. So learning for all four kids is now at home. Jonathan was so disappointed! He was loving the one on one time and is glad he is still able to be home, but will definitely miss the field trips and homeschool we were planning for. I'll keep you posted on how this long this lasts...

Bridges of Madison County

 We stopped at a fun tourist destination on our way home. There is an actual town in Madison County that have all the Bridges in it from the movie. We only saw two of them, but there is a map you can pick up and visit them all. I hope to return one day for a girls trip :)

Spring Break

 Ashlyn's Spring Break didn't line up with Park Hill so we decided to take a little vacation with our homeschool student too. The three of us drove up to Minneapolis to enjoy a little R&R. We started going to a cool outdoor art center near downtown. We stayed at a hotel near Mall of America. We spent two days shopping and riding rides at the indoor theme park there. It was so much fun! Eating out is always a highlight of vacations too. And ice cream. We had a lot of ice cream. We found a mini golf course in the mall and an escape room too. Jonathan had never done an escape room before and he loved it! We are not sure yet what we will do with the other two boys for their Spring Break, but this vacation was wonderful!

Another couch

  I tend to have a thing for used couches. My friend Jennie and I laugh because I think I have been given three of her old couches the past 10 years. She tends to move a lot and I guess gets new furniture and I love her old furniture. John and I bought one couch brand new when we were first married - a green fake leather couch. It lasted about 4 years and was so hard to get rid of. When we buy cheap couches or get free ones, they are so much easier to sell or throw out. Today we bought a used couch online and paid a little more than we ever have - $300. But man, is this couch awesome! And it is worth close to $1,000. It real leather has a recliner, a chaise lounge and cup holders. We love it! Next up, a bigger tv and a new tv stand. Looks like we are going to all be hanging out in the family room again!

Stretching out