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We will miss you Grandma!

John's grandma Lydia (on Sue's side) passed away yesterday July 30, 2014.  She will be dearly missed by our entire family.  The kids are thankful they got to know their great-grandma and enjoyed their time with her when we visited Omaha each year.  Rest in Peace Grandma and enjoy the Glorious majesty of Heaven.

This year at World's of Fun

We are so thankful and blessed to receive six free tickets to WOF each summer through a radio program we sponsor for The Maids.  Because we don't have to pay to get in, we are able to purchase Fast Lane Passes which allows us to bypass all of the lines and get right on!  We went with my niece Rylee this year (she is a season pass holder now) and Jonathan was big enough to ride all of the big rides we love.  It was a wonderful Monday with wonderful KC weather just before school will start!

Bear's in Heat

When we decided to get a dog, we had three rules.  The dog had to be potty trained, spayed or neutered, and kid-friendly.  We searched Craigslist for these requirements.  I did not save the original posting for Bear, but I am 90% sure it said she was spayed.  That is why we were so concerned when she started bleeding.  Then humping!  We called the vet, and sure enough, she was not.  We invested in diapers and lots of training.  We can get her spayed after she is done being in heat in about 3 weeks.  She did look a little cute in her diapers!

Fireplace Makeover

From boring, old red brick to new, fresh grey!  I love the inside being black now instead of dirty, burnt stone.  I also had a mirror to add behind the lights, which really add to the mood of the room!  Next up, an island in the kitchen.

Operation Safe Kid

  We enjoyed free face painting, balloons, cotton candy, lunch, and getting our finger prints done for Operation Safe Kid in case our crew ever comes up missing.  It was very fun!!  Bonus: I won a $10 gift card for Dairy Queen in a drawing.

Fourth of July 2014

Photos courtesy of Lisa Knorr :)

Summer Journey + One month = $100/per child

Today was the last day of summer school for the boys. They went from June 3rd to July 3rd and earned $100 each. They decided at the beginning of summer to put their money together to buy an XBOX 360. They love Minecraft and this is the only system that allows all three of them to play it together. I can't imagine what they will be doing for the rest of summer?