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A Family Campout

We tried out camping (the first time with all 6 of us) in the backyard last night. We have decided to try this activity more this summer and thought it might be smart to began in our backyard. We are excited for the real thing by the lake soon. I have to say though, we struggled some. Once the tent was up, the smores were eaten, and we were all laying in the dark in the tent, it only took about 30 minutes for 4 of the 6 to say, "Can we go inside now?" It was pretty funny. But we didn't cave in and all made it through the night even with a little rain. This morning though is the real test for the other 2 who didn't want to come in last night....those 2 feel like they are 10 years older, can't walk straight, and have said multiple time so far "I feel like I got ran over by a truck!" Maybe the air mattress will make its way to the lake next time!

The pool is open!

Our Memorial Day Race Cars

Our Lowe's project this morning was a Race Car....the boys especially liked this one! We will have to miss next week's while we are in Colorado...the good news is that the project is a dog treat bag, which would only cause more complaining about getting a dog. I'm glad to miss that one! I am sewing on the patches tonight on their aprons from our past projects. We'll post pics of that soon.

A new birthday wall

I finally got my family room wall done this week. I hung some new ledge shelves I got for my birthday and a couple new photos my friend Lisa gave me. I also moved my big H from the other wall and put it on my new shelves...I really like how it turned out. My next project is to paint my headboard and foot board in my bedroom chocolate brown.

Time w/ Auntie Carol, Uncle Chris, and Rylee

We have enjoyed catching up with our family who spent the past year in the Philippines ...they will return in August. We leave in 6 days for Colorado to be part of the ceremony. We are really looking forward to the vacation!

Carol's Lingerie Shower

It's been an honor being her maid of honor and last night I threw her a lingerie shower. We had a great turn out, 14 guests, which made for an great collection of lingerie for her. 2 more weeks until the wedding!

Jonathan's Uncle Chris

Jonathan has fallen in love with his Uncle Chris very quickly while he has been back in the states. He runs up to him, smiles at him, wants to play hide and seek with him all the time, and even told him he loved him. Chris went to CO today to be with his family before the wedding. I think Jonathan will run up to him when we see him in Estes Park in June. I think he will be lost in August when they go back to the Philippines. But for now, here they are is very sweet.

Caleb's Summer Begins

Caleb with his preschool teacher, Mrs. Taylor. She lives pretty close to us and Caleb loves to say that and drive by her house. Jonathan snuck into this picture mainly because he loves Mrs. Cox and he can't wait to go there one day. She is the principal or person who does everything but teach at Caleb's preschool. She is amazing! Here is Caleb with Mrs. Angela, his Park Hill speech therapist. He is all done for the summer. We are hoping to get him into a program at Children's Mercy this week for 6 weeks so there isn't a huge delay before Kindergarten with Mrs. Michelle. She was a lot of fun this past year!

A bitter sweet goodbye

Yes folks, it is true...24, the TV show, is officially done! We enjoyed the season/series finale tonight with our fellow 24 friends. They were the ones who introduced us to Jack in season one and the ones who we watched the first 4 seasons with...then, we got a little obsessed and watched the next 3 seasons on DVD in like one or two weekends (who needs sleep when you have Jack Bauer in your life?) It was a great ending to an interesting season and left open for a possible 24 movie in you might be hearing more about that preview and theatre trip sooner than you think. It's never too late to start watching the show before then, only 8 seasons in all, so we can chat about the movie later. We know a few obsessed fans who own them all if you need to borrow them!

A Sneak Peek...

and there is tons more...we haven't even seen them all yet! We'll let ya see more soon...

Ashlyn the Photographer

My friend Jennie came to KC this weekend and we were able to get together and meet her newest addition Kambree . My best friend Lisa and her boys got together with us too. She is a photographer so we decided to get some 9 month shots of Kambree while she was here in my front yard. I asked Ashlyn to take a picture of the 3 of us while we were outside. While she had my fancy camera, she played photographer and got some good shots of us taking pictures of Kambree was kinda funny. Then she got the shot of the 3 of us below, here is a collection of her work...

Bon Appetit

I got around to hanging my new Wall Decor in my kitchen yesterday...I really like it!

J's Yoda Party

Tons of presents, tons of love, and tons of excitement!!!

Awesome 80s Fun...

Nothing like celebrating a BIG 30th birthday in style!!! We got ready, saw "Letters to Juliet" at a new dinner/movie theatre (for free w/ an email coupon), ordered dessert there, and then talked over coffee, presents, and more dessert at Starbucks after. There just isn't any other way to celebrate Lori! It was great fun and we get to do it all again before you know it...