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Together for the Gospel Conference

I was able to attend the National TGC conference with my friend Kristen this week in Indianapolis. I got to meet her good friend Krista too, who is also from Colorado. What a great week of teaching, worshiping, hanging out, and praying. I'm so glad we could meet up in another city and learn so much together. Oh, and I went to my first Christian Rap concert. It was really good. Can't wait to come back another time!

Ashlyn's Big Amazon Scholarship

I got a call from Ashlyn's AP Computer Science teacher yesterday telling me that she had won a big scholarship. This Amazon scholarship had over 3,000 applicants of AP Computer Science students. Ashlyn applied in January. She was one of the 100 winners chosen around the country! This scholarship will provide $10,000 per year to college, for four years, as well as a paid internship at Amazon headquarters in Seattle the summer after her freshman year. We are thrilled for her! We had to keep it a secret from her. The school was sent the box from Amazon with her award letter. The administration and some of her friends were waiting for her after school so she could open her box. Amazon wanted a copy of the video along with a "winner" video to post on their website on April 1st when the winners would be announced. Here are a few pics and her video from the day! Congratulations Ashlyn!!

Laundry Room Pictures

When my kids were babies, John used to push them around in our blue laundry basket (it’s lasted over 18 years). They loved it! I captured these moments and hung them in my laundry room. We realized we never took pictures of Jonathan though when we redecorated this laundry room. It’s true what they say. The last kid doesn’t even get a scrapbook (or in our house, a photo circle in the laundry room). So we had fun today prepping for a new circle.

Starting our trek home

Started our two day trek home this morning a new way. So beautiful! Definitely taking this drive each time, less traffic too. Hwy 60 to 36 to I-40 (Phoenix area to Tucumcari, NM)

More Arizona Fun

We were able to see Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Jim this trip as well. And we got to meet Jaxson, Nick and Molly's new son. Jonathan loved playing trucks with him in the backyard. We also went on a beautiful hike with Gary and Susan the next day. Not too long or hard. We understand why they love going to this great state in winter!

Trip to Arizona

The boys and I spent our Spring Break in sunny Arizona to visit Gary and Susan. We got to see their new place, visit with the Great-grandparents and extended family, and go hiking. It was a great vacation! Here is a glimpse of some of the fun...

Family Activity

Not sure if we'll be back soon, but Caleb talked us into enjoying his new favorite hobby - roller skating! Jonathan hated it and Joshua fell and hurt his arm pretty bad, but otherwise it was pretty fun. Brought back 80s memories for me. Thank you River Roll.

Family Skating Night

 Caleb's new favorite activity is to go skating at River Roll. He even bought his own skates. He meets friends there regularly, and always tries to convince us to join him. We finally caved in and gave it a try. It was interesting to say the least.  Jonathan has two left feet. He could not skate much at all without help. Joshua seemed to be okay until he fell pretty hard on his arm and was certain he broke it. We ended up leaving early because of his injury and Jonathan's strong desire to give up and leave. We think it's great that Caleb is gifted in speed skating. We hope to see many videos and pics of his skating outings going forward!

A favorite movie in 2019

Loved it in the Theatre and now it's on DVD. We highly recommend that you see it too.

Biblical Counseling Conference

Headed to Overland Park with Carol to learn how to sorrow with those who sorrow. Such a good time together and restful weekend.