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The door is in (and some of the walls and shower)

More progress on Ashlyn's new bathroom downstairs... We live in the morning for our road trip to AZ and the Grand Canyon and were told that when we return, it will be all done! Posts to come when we are back...

Road Trip

Our family has driven to Colorado too many times to count.  It's about 12 hours with bathroom and food stops and not too bad with a DVD player.  So why not go further right!  I don't know what we're thinking, but we have decided to drive to Arizona this summer to visit family and to see the Grand Canyon.  The kids are very excited!  We don't take a lot of family vacations.  This trip has been talked about since Christmas and the week has come.  We will head out this week to 110 degree weather and hours and hours of movies.  We have read that the drive is 21 hours.  We plan to hurry out in 2 days, but then take it slow coming home.  We are going through OK and NM, instead of CO.  It sounds like an easy drive so far.  We're all in need of a small break from normalcy here.  I'm hoping that need and excitement will keep us going those first 14 hours....We'll post pics when we get back.

May 2012

Living the Summer Life

It's officially summer when QT offers their $.69 drinks...our crew gains a few pounds each summer, but love it :)

Landscaping Project

Blog Books Arrived!

It's hard to believe that this blog has been going for 6 years now and it is so fun to look back and read some of the funny things the kids have said or did.  I had not originally planned for this blog to be a family scrapbook in a sense when it first began, but it has sure grown into that.  If I hear something funny or cute that someone says or find a cool picture from an outing or moment, I add it the blog.  While many of you out there reading could sometimes care less about these interesting things we are capturing on record, I find it an excellent way to keep track of our crew.  So in 2008, I decided to start printing annual books of this blog for our coffee table for the kids to look back and enjoy.  The first program I found that will take your blog and put it in a binded book form, was a little choppy and not the best organized.  Since then, they have all come a long way.  They are still expensive, but so easy to make!  So this year for Mother's Day and my birthday, Jo

Last Day of Preschool

We officially have a Kindergartener! Jonathan's last day of preschool was yesterday and he enjoyed an Olympic Day for his last day. After that fun, they sat in rows of 2 and pretended to ride the bus to Kindergarten. It was really cute! Here are a few pics from the fun...

Last Day of FCA

May 18th was FCA's last day of school this year. We officially have a 2nd grader, 3rd grader and 6th grader! We were really looking forward to summer this year and look forward to the break from school work. We still don't know if Ashlyn will home school next year or attend FCA.We hope to know by mid-July.  The two middle boys will attend FCA and Jonathan will stay in the Park Hill District for Kindergarten.  But, for now, we will all be HOME :) Fifth graders trying out the Mentos experiment and shooting homemade rockets. Joshua enjoying his ice cream sundae.  He had to read 4 chapter books for it. Joshua with his teacher Mrs. McCullison. This was her last year at FCA and we loved having her a second time. Caleb and his first grade friends on a scavenger hunt looking for a disguised Mrs. Denny. Winning the scavenger hunt and enjoying their last day of first grade together!

Birthday party BBQ turned water fight

Spring Gladstone Soccer

Soccer season was a success! Both Josh and Caleb were able to play on the same team this practice and one game a week. Caleb has some natural soccer talent! He scored a couple times and was completely red after each game. It was a joy to watch them both. Here are a few pics from the last game...

Spring Pictures