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A big trip for these three

 John took Caleb and Jonathan on an amazing two week cruise to Europe the past couple weeks. Originally we were thinking of all going on a cruise and because it is so much cheaper to do a repositional cruise, we checked the prices on those. In the Spring after cruise season is over, the big cruise companies take most of their ships from Florida over to Europe to get worked on or updated. My guess is the weather there is better, but I am not sure. Those cruises are half the price as the other ones because they are one way and because there are less port stops. Basically you're in the water cruising for 7 straight days without stopping. Both Jonathan and Caleb loved this idea because their favorite parts of cruise trips are the activities on the ship. Joshua was weary of missing two weeks of school (he's a smarty pants and has college level classes) so John agreed to just take the boys. Their first cruise got cancelled because a crane fell on their ship so they got a cruise credi

Easter 2019

Karen Kingsbury Meet & Greet

We got to hear from one of my favorite fiction authors tonight, Karen Kingsbury at the Mid-continent Library! After her Q&A, she did a book signing. I know my mother-in-law would have loved to meet her too. 

Caleb is 14!

We celebrate Caleb Ryan today who is finally leaving the 13 year stage and entering the 14th. At this stage, taking a picture for me to post on Facebook is not cool. Thankfully my iphone takes live pictures when I attempt to take it. So here is a picture of him and a video of 14 year old Caleb! We're taking him to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and opening a few presents tonight.

Cruise plans are cancelled

I know a few guys who are affected by these cancellations  😕 trusting in a sovereign God who knows something we can’t see. Secretly glad to have them home an extra 3 weeks too. Maybe they will get a refund and try another trip. After cruise ship crane accident, Royal Caribbean cancels 3 sail dates Update: They were given a full refund and a credit to Royal Caribbean for a future trip. They are looking for a new destination around the same time on a different cruise line. Still hoping for Europe destination!