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Our Family Blog Archived

 So it seems I am not capable of keeping this blog updated. I update Facebook quite regularly and have intentions of posting similar stuff here and just never get around to it. I am thankful for all the posts I do have in here as a history of events/memories/pictures of our family growing up. So that's what it will be for now - a history. I hope one day to go back and fill in the holes since 2018 - at least some of the bigger events. 

If you're new to the blog, check out the archive on the side - we began this thing in 2006 and there are some fun stories to be read. If you were an avid reader before, please follow me on Facebook. 

Here is a recent picture of our "kids". Ashlyn (21), Joshua (18), Caleb (16) and Jonathan (14). We hope you have a great year!