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Merry Christmas 2021!


It's hard to believe another year has come and gone. Our crew had a pretty good year. Had a few milestone birthdays and we watched Jonathan grown about a foot. John and I worked together in our family business most of the year together and we are enjoying our new church as a family closer to our home.

Ashlyn is now 21 and almost done with college at Truman State University. She is majoring in Computer Science and will graduate in 2023. She technically could graduate in May, but she's going for free and would like to graduate with her friends. So she is taking some extra classes next year and enjoying one more year before entering the full time work force. She going to live in Seattle this summer to complete her 3rd year as an Amazon intern. She's excited and nervous for the opportunity. She will leave in May and return to college in August.

Joshua turned 18 and has made a decision about college. He will attend Missouri S&T (Science and Technology) in August studying Chemical Engineering. He is working on scholarships now and planning out college stuff, which is very exciting! He will graduate in May and is ready. He finished his swimming career last month and is super involved in clubs and school stuff right now. He is looking forward to Christmas break to unwind and rest before his last semester of high school.

Caleb turned 16 this year and worked full time for us at The Maids all summer. I think he secretly loved cleaning houses and was able to save for a different car. He loves his HVAC school he attends in the mornings and is pushing through the high school part in the afternoon. He is a junior and hoping to intern this summer with a HVAC company. He has began to work on cars and continues to help me with projects around the house and yard. He also works part time for a friend so he can have some spending money for all his tools he continues to buy.

Jonathan is 14 and started high school this year. He joined Caleb at a high school near our home that is a little more self paced. He is probably going to transfer to the high school Joshua and Ashlyn attended next year, but we are waiting to know for sure. Jonathan loves Basketball and Football right now and has become a expert on stats and players. We are not sure where he picked it up from, but he enjoys both while hanging out with his friends. He also has grown a foot this year! He is really wanting to pass Caleb and Joshua this next year so I am hoping he does. His wit and charm continues to make me laugh and was able to work his first job this summer at Culver's. He's working part time for The Maids right now saving up for a summer camp.

John stays busy helping at The Maids and continues to mentor local and international businesses grow. I'm working in The Maids as well and taking care of my mom part time. We made the hard decision in January to leave our old church of 18 years and try a new one. We are really glad we made the change even though leaving the other one was so hard. We became members in May and have stayed pretty busy serving there and getting to know other members there. We didn't get to travel much in 2021 again because of COVID, but are making plans for 2022. Anyone else out there ready for some normalcy too?

We hope this update finds you well and pray you enjoy this holiday season surrounded by those you love. Let us know how you are doing as well!


Deanna for the Hanson Crew